The Meaning of ‘Fek’

Is Fek a rude word? Not quite, it’s a slang word used extensively in Ireland and you may have heard it used on episodes of the 90’s satirical comedy series  ‘Father Ted’. It’s used moreover as an alternative expletive to express surprise, disbelief, anger, and even contempt for a given situation, though it does not have any sexual connotations unlike its bigger similar sounding Anglo-Saxon brother – so it’s very useful because not everyone knows. So yes you may get a second look of surprise !

Send Fek All About PageTechnically, it’s derived of Scots and Modern English origin. Feck (fek or feic) is a form of the word effeck, from which we get the word feckless, something which may describe a person’s most recent behavior to a tee, or indeed the reckless abandonment of your own true feelings towards an endearing individual that has you bowled over. Anyway, have some Criac (pronounced crack) as they say here in Ireland by sending someone ‘Fek-All’ ! Criac means a bit of good old fun !