Can't find anything to send ? We have the ideal solution. Want a bit of Sweet Retribution? We have the solution!

Indeed some people have everything and quite frankly don’t need any more stuff and some, just deserve ‘Fek-All’.  So sending them ‘Fek-All is spot on, it’s the thought that counts! Sending ‘Fek-All’ can be both endearing and or insulting, it's very much depends why, when, and to whom you are sending ‘Fek-All’ to. We’ll leave that choice to you. Sending ‘Fek –All’ – all the way from Ireland will certainly focus your recipients attention Send Fek All Airplane & Mapto both your incredible resourcefulness and likewise your message. So get busy and send ‘Fek –All today, it makes perfect sense, especially when you may be stuck for ideas of what to be doing,.

Is Fek a rude word? Not quite, it’s a slang used as an alternative expletive to express surprise, disbelief, anger, and even contempt for a given situation, though it does not have any sexual connotations like its bigger similar sounding Anglo-Saxon brother – so it’s very useful because not everyone knows. Derived sf Scots and Modern English origin, Feck (fek or feic) is a form of the word effeck, from which we get the word feckless, something which may describe a recipient’s most Send Fek All About Pagerecent behavior to a tee, or indeed the reckless abandonment of your own true feelings towards an endearing individual that has you bowled over. Anyway, have some Criac (pronounced crack) as they say here in Ireland by sending someone ‘Fek-All’ !



Send Fek All Tin Single What do you get

Well apart from a door to door postal/ courier service delivery from Ireland to where ever your intended recipient resides, they receive our special limited edition hand decorated tin, with absolutely ‘Fek-All’ in it ! Except of course your message card, which outlines the reasons your intended is receiving ‘Fek-All’ from Ireland ! You can also add a little something extra special like our Sheep Dog Poo Fudge, or Mickie’s Breathalyzer Mints (un-chewed of course) if you want to add a little something to amuse.4 Send Fek All Inclusions

Dispatch.Postal Packets 01

We normally dispatch on a weekday within 24 hours of receiving your on-line order. To keep costs to the minimum, we log and photograph every dispatch and receipt as proof of dispatch, for standard delivery within the mainland and including International postage. For both International and Mainland dispatch you can also opt for a tracked postal service in our shop, the choice is entirely yours. Please note overseas postage from Ireland can take on average 7 working days. Given the low cost of our product we do not guarantee or offer any timed delivery service. However, for the Craic, we can quote you a DHL service separately via our contacts page, should you be looking for an extra dimension to your surprise!

SFA Gift CardChoose your message - or write your own.

Our message cards are designed to keep the impact dynamic, minimal, distinct and simple. Chose one that suits your mood, or if you wish we can include a message up to 250 words on our official ‘Fek-All’ Letterhead, if you have any special message to send this can be added in the Special Notes section of the check out ! If you wish to remain anonymous [ no From (x) ] on the message card, please indicate in the Special Notes Section of the shop cart.

Pleased to be of Service.

MartinWhether just for fun, a general poke at someone, or to tease a loved one, we hope you enjoy this service and the memories and satisfaction it provides. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Martin, from our contacts page. I will be delighted to here from you.

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